“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

George Eliot

I want to share those wonderful stock images with you. I scanned some old books.

Some medicine book and old vintage adventure books covers. I hope you find it useful. If you download please post a comment.

These images are to preview purpose only. ZIP fie contains uncompressed photos in big sizes.

You can download my stock photos and use it in commercial projects. Please follow my rules.

All my stock photos can be use both for personal and commercial use. Some rules.

Use it as you want. CU allowed. Although unrestricted there are some simple rules:

1. Don’t use it in a manner likely to cause offence.

2. Don’t claim any of my unaltered stock as your own.

Yes, my stock can be used outside either in a private or professional capacity, and may also be used to make up pre-made backgrounds providing it has been considerably altered from the existing image. Just adding a filter, desaturating, or changing the colors of my original image is not an acceptable alteration. Scrapbooking designer can use my stock from category unrestricted to make own papers and elements and sell it if they credit me.

If you have any questions just note me. And please comment.