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Senta Schreibmaschine-Typewriter Font

Wonderful real  font. Created from an old Senta Typewriter I fond on my grandmother  attic and converted into TTF file.  Contains all signs you need. Lower, upper cases, many signs, also French, Polish and German special signs. There are two version: one normal weight and the second light version. Senta on Diet font. Choose the  licence you need from the window bellow. If you need any other licences please contact us at We have also special company licence with unlimited number of users.
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*This font comes with different  CU licenses.  Starting with licence for 1 workstation for small companies or freelancers, ending with licences for a big productions like movies and for advertisement agencies. Please choose an appropriate licence demanding on number of computer/displays the font will be installed. Using my font  for “mass production” like e-books, books, Tv- Shows, movies or computer games required extra licence.
Real Typewriter font


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