Introducing the Classica and Striped Font by Professor Wilhelm Krause—a timeless, elegant typeface perfect for those in search of a classic and vintage look. Crafted with inspiration from 19th-century Germany and redesigned for modern digital needs, this font gives you an authentic feel that you can’t find anywhere else!

This distinguished font is designed specifically to give your work an air of sophistication, while also providing a fun retro flair. With only capital and lowercase letters included, the text will create a one of kind look no matter the project. This font is sure to leave your audience feeling impressed!

So if you’re looking for a classy script with a unique personality, check out the Classica and Striped Font by Professor Wilhelm Krause. Pick up yours today for a timeless typeface that is sure to stop viewers in their tracks.


*This font comes with different  CU licenses.  Starting with a license for 1 workstation for small companies or freelancers, ending with licenses for big productions like movies and for advertisement agencies. Please choose an appropriate license demanding on a number of computers/displays the font will be installed. Using my font for “mass production” like e-books, books, Tv- Shows, movies or computer games required an extra license.
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