Do you love incorporating a bit of creepy ambiance into your scrapbooking projects? Then Abandoned Places Digital Papers are just the thing for you! These highly detailed digital paintings of an abandoned sanitarium in 3600×3600 px resolution will make the perfect backdrop to any project.

These digital papers include old, destroyed furniture, Victorian wallpapers, and a wooden floor to give your project a unique look. Spiders and webs are artfully incorporated for just the right amount of creepy atmosphere without making your project overtly frightening. The focus is on capturing a sense of calm in the midst of the eerie setting without sacrificing style. This set contains 9 papers in total so you can mix and match freely or make each page from the set be equally as spellbinding!

So if you’re looking for professional-quality digital paper with a twist, Abandoned Places Digital Papers are ready to bring out the best in your scrapbooking creativity!