“When the flower blossoms, the bee will come.”

Srikumar Rao

This beautiful collection contains  83 elements  10 scene and 10 patterned papers

and also 8 characters to play with.

Bees, flowers, autumn leaves, beehives, frames, baskets, honey jars, honey drips, some stamps, bottles and many other stuff.


This kit is tribute to all bees: working bees, honey bees and  beekeepers. My grandfather was a beekeeper. I found an old book about bee which belong to my grandfather and decided to make a kit about bees. Did you know how important those creatures are? We can say No Bees No food. Global bee populations are at risk from varying climactic disruptions. Global cases of bee decline in the US, UK and Eastern Europe confirm the widespread effects of ecological disruption to essential bee colonies. If you like bee and want to help to save them you can also follow this link and see what you can do.

This kit is S4h and PU ok. See also wonderful art created by my  creative artists.If you prefer you can also buy chosen parts separately.

*extra views may include material also from other collections. *

preview bee