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Second life of old photos. Old photos restoration.

Which one of us doesn’t have old photographs?
Sorted into grandmother’s album, stored in the attic or basement. They bring back old memories, have their own vinage character and are mostly in a not very good technical condition. Graphic software such as photoshop or gimp can help us.

With the help of the tools available there, we can give old photos a new life.
Remove scratches, recreate blurred elements, restore shine to faces, clean up breakdowns or water-damaged parts of photos.

Do you have collections of old family photos suffering from scratches, loss of tone and details?   Almost any image can be restored. I offer photo restoration service and publish many tips and trick about how to renovate your family treasures at home using simple technique and software.

If you have any questions about photo restoration or wanto get a free quote foyour project, feel
free to contact us.
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Senta- old typewriter. Unique and beautiful and of course reliable.

The Senta is a great looking portable typewriter made by sewing machine manufacturer Frister & Rossman (F & R). Frister & Rossmann was founded in 1864 in Berlin by Gustav Rossmann and Robert Frister.

With our Senta typewriter we have created a product whose mechanism has been amazingly simplified without compromising performance and durability.

We have also succeeded in significantly reducing the weight of the Senta typewriter, while ensuring its durability to the fullest degree through suitable arrangement. Our Senta weighs only 4.25 kg. No wonder that attempts to imitate it are on the increase.

The handling of our Senta typewriter is just as easy and simple as with other standard systems. To highlight just a few of the benefits of the Senta: The carriage runs exclusively on balls and precisely ground rollers and therefore moves effortlessly along its path. The consequence of this is:

  • lower spring tension,
  • great protection of the moving parts,
  • effortless handling.

The trolley is also equipped with all the other facilities necessary to meet all the requirements of a perfect typewriter.

Senta Frister & Rossmann


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