Hand designed digital FONTS & GRAPHIC MEDIA DESIGN

Slide M A R T A I’m Marta, webdesigner, font maker &
Online Store Manager from Essen. I enjoy
creating delightful fonts and movie posters.
Working as Online Store Manager since 2009
and had the opportunity to work as freelancer
with diverse companies and brands.

Slide R W K S

Slide Babylon Music CD Cover Tricks in Babylon 12.04.2018 Dead to the last Drop 05.03.2018 Sick- Movie Poster 12.02.2019 Poster Campbell The Campbell 12.01.2018


If you entirely insane  about scrapbooking  and like bizarre stuff, weird digital media, need graphics, hand designed fonts and vintage brushes…WELCOME ON BOARD. If you’ve decided you’d like to get started in digital Scrapbooking-now, there are a few things that you’re going to need in order to get started: photos, computer, digital software and of course digital kits. Explore my page and you find everything from vintage and antique elements to patterned and artsy papers. From bizarre and unique character to traditional embellishments or hand- painted elements.

Did you know, that ‘US’ are only one person  here at Polish Your Art?

My name is Marta. In the world of digital artists I am known as Marta Van Eck.  I am  graphic, fonts designer and and owner of POLISH YOUR ART scrapbooking store.  I sell also at mischiefcircus.  My big  adventure  with digital art  has began when I discovered   Macromedia Flash and made my first  short animation using designed by me elements and backgrounds. Today I create digital fonts, flash animations, websites, graphics,  scrapbooking supplies  and some digital art and sell it here.  I love to work with  old cabinet  photos, antique books and newspaper. I am proficient in Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia, GIMP and font creator.


This may surprise you, but YES some people like my stuff so much, that they  are ready to pay for it. Here are just some exquisite examples…


Don’t use it in a manner likely to cause offence.

 Don’t claim any of my unaltered stock as your own.

Yes, my stock can be used outside either in a private or professional capacity, and may also be used to make up pre-made backgrounds providing it has been considerably altered from the existing image. Just adding a filter, desaturating, or changing the colors of my original image is not an acceptable alteration. Scrapbooking designer can use my stock from category unrestricted to make own papers and elements and sell it if they credit me. If you have any questions just note me. And please comment. Enjoy.

Are you planning a digital art project? Need to restore old photos? Need  funny video for your webpage? Then please fill in your details below. Even if it’s just to say hello!

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