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  • comic block font

    Comic filled font


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    This font is very similar to my  Comic Block  font. It has filled fronts. Little bit clumsy , wonderful comic font.  This font comes with extra CU license.Perfect to use in games, e book, publications, on webpages or TV shows ( credits).

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  • font digital mental hospital

    Mental Hospital


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    This hand painted grungy and weathered  font could be perfect to decorate some horror or dark pages but also to make some horror movie credits or posters.  Contains upper and lower cases and also numbers. 


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  • The Freak show font by Marta van Eck

    FreakShow font


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    This pretty weird and bizarre font was created from old alphabet designed by unknown author from 19th century. I converted scanned letters into TTF file. There are no numbers and lower letters. Only capitals.

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