Bah, said Scrooge, Humbug.

This beautiful scrapbooking kit contains  elements and scene and patterned papers . I hope you can enjoy this wonderful Christmas Freebie.

Creating this kit I was inspired by a book of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol.” You will find in this elements pack 106 Christmas elements.

In this kit you will find wooden and metal frames designed in green, gold and red colours.
A lot of hand painted elements: candles, Ebenezer Scrooge, Christmas balls, teapot, tea cup, camphor lamp, snowflakes, hanging socks and gloves,pillows and cracked pillows with feather so you can make some pillow fight 🙂
  You will also find some vintage furniture to create your own Christmas scenes: antique clock, old bed, old chest of drawers, fireplace, vintage window, old sledge, table, bench. Of course there are also typical Christmas elements like Christmas tree, wreath, ribbons with Christmas embellished and a lot of Christmas gifts that you can put under the Christmas tree. There are different kind of candles and Christmas decoration so you can create you very own Christmas tree. You can also play with some food like fishes, mushroom and cookies, tea and make your own supper scene.
This kit is for PU use only.

Happy scrapping! (113 downloads)

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