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These Are My Memories

This is where you can see what I see, and what I capture as a moment in my life. Beautiful thrilling moments. And these are my memories.


New scrapbooking freebie. Take me to the moon.

It’s been ages since I clean my old computer. By the way I discover my old scrapbooking design that I created maybe  8 years ago or something….

Scrapbooking, Stock Photos

Christmas Carol- scrapbooking kit for free.

This beautiful scrapbooking kit contains  elements and scene and patterned papers . I hope you can enjoy this wonderful Christmas Freebie.

Stock Photos

Men cabinet photos stock.

  This collection contain 5  cabinet stock photos. I scanned some of my cabinet photos and wanted to share with you.

Stock Photos

Antique Books Covers- stock

I want to share those wonderful stock images with you. I scanned some old books.

Vintage Vectors

Vintage kitchen Vectors.

Collection of vintage kitchen equipment. I share it for free. I scanned all kitchen book from my grandmother.


Grateful Days – new scrapbooking kit.

This set contains ready to use  67 elements and characters. Wonderful Native Americans, dreamful feathers, many wild animals like: bears, dear, wolves, eagle and buffalo, word arts and some Native’s Americans equipment: tipi […]

Stock Photos

Old steam engines stock images.

  This collection contain 9 old engines stock photos. I made those photos visiting  museum of  antique Steam Engines in Poland Tarnowskie Gory. If you ever visit Poland you should […]

Stock Photos

Polish autumn – stock images

I remember those wonderful autumn days in Poland. I found some great photos that I want to share with you. You can download it for free.


Wizzard of OZ scrapbooking kit.

  This pack contains wonderful 91 elements, 17 scene and 17 pattern papers and of course characters. to work with.  


New product in my store: Homeopathy series.

Great new stuff about health and knowledge. Inspired by the one and only movie “Welcome in Wellville”.

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