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If you are looking for some normal webpage…I am sorry but you have reach my store by mistake. Please hit the back button on your browser to escape now. However, if you entirely insane  and like bizzare stuff, weird digital media and funny movies well…WELCOME ON BOARD.


I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works

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My name is Marta. In the world of digital artists I am known as Marta Van Eck. I live with my husband and two kids in Germany but I come from Poland.  I am  graphic  and media designer based in  Poland.  I studied computer aided systems and IT technology. My big  adventure  with digital media has began when I discovered   Macromedia Flash and made my first  short animations. Today I create digital fonts, flash animations, websites graphics,  scrapbooking supplies  and some digital art. I love to work with  old cabinet  photos, antique books and newspaper. I am proficient in Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia , GIMP and font creator.

 If you’ve decided you’d like to get started in digital Scrapbooking-now, there are a few things that you’re going to need in order to get started:photos, computer, digital software and of course digital kits. Explore my page and you find everything from vintage and antique elements to patterned and artsy papers. From bizarre and unique character to traditional embellishments or hand- painted elements. And blah, blah blah…

STORE with everything you need…or not.

Here you can see my latest projects. I offer wide variety of scrapbooking  products like  embellishments, papers, handwritten fonts, digital prints and art journal stuff.

All products are for DIGITAL downloads only, for now. So nothing will be shipped. All downloads are available immediately after purchase even when it’s raining. Isn’t that great? 

the fattest girl on the word Wera
  • Antiqua Roman font

    Antique Roman


    Category: .

    This font looks like those old antique fonts used in ancient Rome. Contains capitals, lower cases and special German signs. Also Roman numbers are included. I created also some additional signs like at, copyright and exclamation.

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  • The Freak show font by Marta van Eck

    FreakShow font


    Category: .

    This pretty weird and bizarre font was created from old alphabet designed by unknown author from 19th century. I converted scanned letters into TTF file. There are no numbers and lower letters. Only capitals.

    SKU: Freak1

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  • Preview Sketched 3d

    Sketched 3d for CU


    Category: .

    This hand-painted font have 3d look and sketched inside. Perfect for comic books, logos and computer games.Designed by me for digital needs. Includes  capital and lower cases and number.  This font comes with extra CU license.Perfect to use in games, e book, publications, on webpages or TV shows ( credits).

    SKU: Sketched Font

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  • Steampunk digital font by Marta van Eck

    Steampunk Font for CU


    Category: .

    Everyone love Steampunk, right? Anyway this hand designed steampunk font if perfect for books, movies titles, poster, scrapbooking, art journal and logo design. Letters decorated with gears and mechanical patterns.

    SKU: Steam3

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  • elegant font preview

    Elegant font for Commercial Use


    Category: .

    This elegant font was redesigned using prof. W. Krause old Font Templates from 1914. Elegant, rounded and handwritten font. This font is for commercial use. Lower cases, capitals, numbers and some signs.

    SKU: ElegantFont

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  • Classic font stripped

    Classica Striped


    Category: .

    This is very classic and striped font. Was designed by a German Professor Wilhelm Krause in 19th century. Redesigned by me for digital needs. Includes only capital and lower cases, no numbers. This font comes with extra CU license. 


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  • comic block font

    Comic filled font


    Category: .

    This font is very similar to my  Comic Block  font. It has filled fronts. Little bit clumsy , wonderful comic font.  This font comes with extra CU license.Perfect to use in games, e book, publications, on webpages or TV shows ( credits).

    SKU: F01Comic

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  • Senta Font Preview

    Senta Schreibmaschine


    Category: .

    Wonderful real  font. Created from an old Senta Typewriter I fond on my grandmother  attic and converted into TTF file. This is commercial use licensed font. Perfect to use in games, e book, publications, on webpages or TV shows ( credits). Contains all signs you need. Lower, upper cases, many signs, also French, Polish and German special signs. 

    SKU: Senta Font

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My Customers

This may surprise you, but YES some people like my stuff so much, that they  are ready to pay for it.

 Here are just some exquisite examples…

Discover Wonderful Stock Photos

All my stock photos can be use both for personal and commercial use. Some rules.

Use it as you want. CU allowed. Although unrestricted there are some simple rules:

1. Don’t use it in a manner likely to cause offence.

2. Don’t claim any of my unaltered stock as your own.

Yes, my stock can be used outside either in a private or professional capacity, and may also be used to make up pre-made backgrounds providing it has been considerably altered from the existing image. Just adding a filter, desaturating, or changing the colors of my original image is not an acceptable alteration. Scrapbooking designer can use my stock from category unrestricted to make own papers and elements and sell it if they credit me.

If you have any questions just note me. And please comment.


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Are you planning a digital art project? Need to restore old photos? Need  funny video for your webpage?

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